Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Aboriginal Art & Terracotta Pot.

Today I was doing my Task at the top is my terracotta pot and at the bottom is my Aboriginal Art. Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Today I was doing my DMIC task for this week with Nature Moui Valeli and my self Bradley. So this is my maths I did. Hope you Enjoy! 

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

DMIC task 1

Today I was doing my DMIC with my partner's Siakupega and Kahurangi. This is my working for this DMIC task that I did. Hope you Enjoy! Here is the picture that I went on to get to the task. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Today this is my Motocross Maths Task for this week. So what we have to do is buddy up with 2 members. My Members was Rae Jae Siakupega and I. Hope you Enjoy!

Multiplication Pratice

Today I was doing my multiplication Practice in my task we had to do groups of. If you want to see what I went on to the task here is the Link! Hope you Enjoy!

Friday, 23 November 2018

Bradley Cave Animation

Term 4 Animation Voicer Over

Animation Voice Over

Walt be thoughtful about links between oral (spoken), written, and visual language to give purpose to our writing.

Walt use a variety of sentences and correctly use punctuation.

Your animation task: This term you have been creating an animation to illustrate a caveman narrative.

You were given this short blurb to help you plan for your animation:

Long ago, there was an ancient tribe from the country now known as _____________.

The tribe lived off the land and had to hunt and gather for their food.

In this land, the impressive _______________ was the ultimate prize because it provided food for the whole tribe. Only the most mighty and cunning warriors could hunt such an animal.

This is the story of one such tribe, on an epic hunt to catch one of these mighty animals.

Digital word bank:

PLAN-Just write some keywords to help when you write your sentences

Introduce your animation (this doesn’t need to be long):

What are we learning about this term? (Inquiry topic + animation task)

What materials may have been used once upon a time to create cave art?

Your narrative:

Characters? Lion and cavemen.

Setting? Cave

Problem? The stickmen ate his friend Lion.

Solution? So the 2 year Mammoth's hunt down the cavemen to eat him up for dinner.

Summary/ Conclusion - Thank your audience and ask for a comment to be left on your blog.


Long Long time ago, There was cavemen’s in the secret cave. Those cavemen were trying to hunt down the lion because they were so so hungry. So they started to throw pointy arrows at the lion to kill him. So 2000 years later! They started to hunt down the Lion so the lion ran out of the cave and ran in the middle of nowhere. So next the cavemen found the Lion to hunt down. So they killed the lion and ate him up. Later on the lion’s friend’s Cash the 2 year old Mammoth started to whistle so his friends could come and hunt down the cavemen because they ate his friend Lion… Later Later on they went back in the cave to have a fight dun dun dun... This is our link to show you what we have done for our animation Voice Over.

Dog training

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Today I was doing DMIC with my DMIC group for this week. So it was tiring but my group still worked it out so that is our question on our book. Hope you Enjoy.

Thursday, 8 November 2018


Today I was doing DMIC with my teacher and my DMIC group because mostly everybody was away. Hope You Enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

That really stinks

That Really Stinks

WALT identify the characters, setting and problem in a narrative story.

WALT write an engaging solution to the problem in a narrative story.

Watch the story starter for the story, That Really Stinks.

Plan for your writing:

Characters: Sam and the 6 Tentacle Monsters.

Setting: Bathroom and the sewers.

Problem: The biggest tentacle monster took sam’s sisters phone.

Write the ending for the story.

The tentacle monster clicks the fart button than he drops the phone. Than he goes and gets the phone. Next he runs away.

Fast finisher?

Write the beginning of the story to go with the movie.

That really stinks. Sam was in the Bathroom on his sister’s phone. He kept on clicking this button, the button was if he pushes. IT fart noises come out he took sams sister’s phone down the toilet than Sam flushed he self down the toilet and followed the monster down to the monster’s lair. To be continued.
This is our link to what my That really stinks task look's like.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Today I was learning about Miss West went to Muriwai Beach. On Saturday she went for a walk she has walked 9732 steps. On Sunday She walked 1289 steps. What our answer is telling us is how many steps did Miss West walk to Sunday.

Recount W2 T4

Writing: One day, in the evening I went to point chevalier beach for my cousin Calvin’s birthday. When my mum my dad and my brother’s and I finally got to point chevalier beach I saw my cousin sitting on the beach chair eating his banana and drinking his water. I saw this platform in the water that you could stand on and jump of so I asked my mum can I go on the platform she said where so I showed her where she said make sure don’t get hurt so I went in the cold cold water and I climbed up the ladder. When I saw other people jumping of. I wanted to Jump of as well but I couldn’t jump of because I was to little and plus when I walked across to the platform the tide was low but when I went and climbed up the ladder. One eternity later. I was relaxing on the platform when the platform was bumpy side to side because people will still jumping of. I finished my relax on the platform but when I woke up the tide was so high that I couldn’t get back to the sand. So my dad came across to the water and got me back across. Phew, so when I changed into nice and clean clothes so when I came back to the table I came in time for saying Happy 1st birthday to my cousin calvin. So I ate the chocolate cake with vanilla icing,sprinkles,chocolate cream, and chocolate chips on it. There was a the number one on it. Have a happy day ever after and here is the link to see what we are writing about.  LINK

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Aboriginal Art Symbols.

Today I was doing Aboriginal Art symbols there are a lot of symbols to draw. Hope you Enjoy


Hey my name is Bradley this is my DMIC work for Tuesday to Thursday. I was confused of the DMIC because its was hard and tiring. Hope you Enjoy!


Four years ago, I started school in 2014. My school was Point England School. I was a year one. I could finally going school and I was a bit scared to go to my class. When my mum dropped me of to class when she went she said Bye Bradley see you after school than I was starting to do a lot of work and It was my first work I've ever done In school and I was confused of what I was doing on my first Ipad. One of the first trips I went to in year 1 was the Zoo. It was very fun there because I saw one of my favourite animals there. My favourite animal that I saw at the Zoo was the Tigers because they have a good texture for your blanket for you to use. When school finished I went home and went sleep for an hour. When I woke up my mum and dad was right in front of me ready to go in the car somewhere so when I went into the car we went to my Aunt's house, When I got there I straight away went to the trampoline because my Aunt’s son Calvin the little chubby one was on the trampoline jumping with his friend from daycare. So I went to the trampoline to jump with Calvin and his friend. When I went inside there was a surprise because I didn’t know it was my little cousin’s birthday. So that’s why my cousin’s friend from daycare was there. When we went to eat I ate Salad, Fish N Chips & chicken kebabs. When I got so full so I went home. Hope you Enjoy and here is the link to see what we did this week for our recount.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


Today I was learning about a mysterious creature code that has given Caleb a code. The code I found was Move Ya, Body. Hope you enjoy!

DMIC outside Task

Today we will doing a task outside we had to try to find codes under 64 spots we had to go to numbers it tells us to go to the word I found out was RESPECT. Hope you enjoy!

Sport design 1

Friday, 14 September 2018

Move Ya Body Animation

Hi my name is Bradley.
This is my animation for Move ya body term 3. In my Animation I’m going to be playing Soccer. First I'm running with the ball to the goal. In normal soccer there are so many soccer players that are placed into 2 teams. 

Basically the players have to try to get the soccer ball into the goal in soccer there are 2 goalies and the goalies have to try to block the ball so the soccer ball doesn't get in the goal. A red card is shown to the player who breaks the rules. Soccer is a popular game around the world. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Week 8 Term 3

Today I done today for DMIC was a graph for pacman we had to do every square he moves every coins he collects 1 square equals 3 coins.


Today I was learning about DMIC it was 3 rubbish bins red yellow and black what we had to do is we have to try to swope them all out and make so many combination. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Term 3 week 8

Today I was ding my DMIC we were doing making a table the number on the is input the one on the right is output we just need add 6 to the number on the right. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 10 September 2018


Today I was learning about Algebra it means the number on the left is what you have to + plus on the right. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 7 September 2018

DMIC Independent problems.

Today I was doing all my DMIC independent problems it was hard. But I did it right. Hope you Enjoy!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Point of View Photos

Today I was learning about POV (Point Of View) We had to do 3 photos of 3 people. Hope you Enjoy!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Maths T3 week 7

Today I as learning about DMIC today and it was hard I didn't understand it but I did Well I got Help. Hope you Enjoy!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Miss West POV

The mother sheep Followed me Along the path picking up her Case As she Realized at a touching dissidents i was dissidents of her lam she let out a load She let out a low lately Which Echo around the paddock The sleeping lam Listed at her head Turns towards us Before turning back to her sleep As the Sheep got closer and closer I began to panic What she going to attack me Holding my breath I fose Decided the Sheep dodg  me Be tempted to her lam
Few that was a close call

Sheep points of view.

Oh no why is there a terrible horrible woman taking so many photos of me. She is tall with four legs but stands on 2 legs. It weird im gonna go closer and closer and call my friends and family to shoo her away! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so they came and she shooed away!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Thursday, 23 August 2018

DMIC week 5 Term 3

Today I was doing my DMIC my norm that I was focusing on is to communicate with others so that means stay with each other and to focus and catch up with my team. Hope you enjoy!

Shark Day

Shark Day

Character Name: Mele

Important Event:
A feast
A Dance
A Chealabrant
A Party

Write your VLOG script here:

Hi my name is Mele. I was in Lefaga. When I was at Lefaga she wanted to go back home I was moaning and I was sitting in her hiding spot at the back of the car. There was loud music and it was embarrassing.

My Hauora

~ My Hauora ~
WALT use personal voice.
WALT use a range of vocabulary.
WALT use full stops and capital letters.  

Step 1: Talk with your neighbour about what you remember hauora to be from our discussions last week.

Step 2: Have a class discussion about what our opening paragraph should look like.

Step 3: Listen to and type the dictation for the opening paragraph below.


Step 4: Write your 4 topic sentences. Each should introduce one of the four aspects of hauora.

Step 5: Have a friend read your 4 topic sentences. Then, write 3-4 sentences under each topic sentence that tells what you do in your life in that element of hauora.


Click here to listen to the dictation and type what you hear below.

Hauora is a Maori word, that describes a person’s overall health and well being. The four dimensions of Hauora are often displayed is they four wells of a whare. Which provide stability and strength. The four dimension are: Taha tinana (Physical well-being or health), Taha Hinengaro (Mental & Emotional Well-being or self-confidence), Taha Whanau (social Well-being or personal beliefs).

Topic Sentence 1: The first dimension of Hauora is Taha Tinana which is physical well-being and health.

At lunchtime I always play basketball with my friends and I play touch and soccer on the field. My favourite fresh and healthy is eating vegetables and eating yumming fruits. To make me get hydrated is by drinking a lot of water every time a day.

Topic Sentence 2: The second dimension of Hauora is Taha Hinengaro which is Mental & Emotional well-being.

Sometimes to make me happy is by Playing with my friends and family and sometimes when i got negative emotional is when i’m grumpy and angry and mostly sad. What I want in my life is to have positive emotional because I wanna feel happy all the time.

Topic Sentence 3: Taha Whanau (social Well-being or personal beliefs).

My social well being is having fun with my family and playing with my family outside and going to the pools with them.

Topic Sentence 4: The last dimension of Hauora is Physical well being

My physical well being is playing with my friends and family and play sports at the rugby feild and eating so much fruits and food and lastly vegetables.


My Hauora is by helping people around my school and around the world and by doing the 4 dimensions and by playing sensible games and by being positive at church.


Step 6: Have a friend read your writing or read your writing to your friend. Get them to give you feedback and make changes. Use the rubric on the site to help you

Step 7: Once you have finished, share your writing on your blog and record it on your blog log.


I have planned my writing.

I have used punctuation (full stops, capital letters, etc.).

I have used the rubric to have a friend give me feedback on my writing.

Peephole Narrative

Peephole Narrative

One day there was a boy in a beautiful dress and as soon someone came to the door he looked through the peephole and it was a lady but as soon as he opened the door it was a glistening diamond alien that could go invisible so he ran back to the table and the alien was next to him. At 3the volcano island there was a cabin than someone came at the door it was a glistening alien that wanted to eliminate the boy so the boy ran outside but it was a Ombre blue stormy clouds so the alien went outside but he died because it couldn’t handle the storm.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Task 1b

Today I was learning about my superbeans so it was tiring and it got harder and harder to do. Hope you enjoy!

Task 1a

Today I was learning about my Way to go it was hard and tiring but I did well.

Under the waves

Today I was learning about my maths Under the waves so it was tiring and hard but I did great. Hope you Enjoy!

NK/Number knowledge. W3 T3

Today I was learning doing My NK/Number knowledge it was tiring but I did great. It was a little hard with my fractions. Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, 20 August 2018

Sending a respectful and appropriate email

Narrative plan

Today I was writing about a plan for my Narrative of a peephole so in my story there was a glistening diamond alien that tried to kill the boy in the dress  and then the boy ran outside then the alien ran outside well then the alien died and melted because of the storm because he couldn't hand all the storm so when he melted where he died the was glistening 

Friday, 17 August 2018

Money fraction

Number knowledge Week 4


Part of the Story
Narrator’s Emotion
How do you know:
P13-Mr. Clark greeting the class
Morena tamariki ma.
It said first that Mr clark said Morena tamariki ma.
P13-Class began writing
Everyone pulled out exercise books and started to write.
Everyone pulled out exercise book to start writing.
P13-Mr. Clark saying “Maybe it’s time you learnt.”
She couldn’t follow your instructions.
She couldn’t follow the instructions from her teacher because he was speaking in Maori.
P15-Mr Clark told the class it was time for a game.
The kite and egg game.
The egg game was they have to catch the eggs that are below the kite.
P17-She knew exactly what to do
She has to catch the eggs.
In the egg game the students have to try to catch eggs in the air.
P17-She said, “Hey, you guys.”
Hey you guys is a greeting to all it is a greeting to people who you see and when you get to school.
P17-Tania said, “Obviously, you want to lose.”
The biggest boy said Obviously you want to lose Tania told him and she snuck her a smile.
The biggest boy said Obviously you want to lose so tania told him and snuck a smile.
Pg 17-She grew 10 centimetres.
The big boy shrugged and he grew 10 centimeters.
It says in the book that outside the boy shrugged but he grew 10 centimeters.

Movie Narrative.

Movie Narrative

WALT write our ideas in an order which makes sense.

WALT turn a narrative text into a movie storyboard.

Start writing here:

Once upon a time there was a Villain called Siaku and 2 superheros that was a superhero kid and a superhero teacher they travelled to America to go Starbucks to have a Coffee and lunch they used all of their money something went wrong! What happen we used all of our money now we don’t have enough money to go back to new zealand we will have to look on our phone for a job than after we quit the job Hooooooooooooo I found a job it says we could do the job at Dunkin Donuts. YaY we finished the job and quit we got at the end of the week $500 but to travel it was $400 to travel back so we travelled back than we had $100 left we entered the competition to sing a song soon as it was my turn there was a noise on the roof the superhero kid climb on the walls and walked slowly out of the window than walked around than the audience we hooooo a superhero than the superhero kid looked up top there was a villain that was black that had a long tongue and his name was Venom Siaku. Venom Siaku used his long tongue and tried to get the superhero kid. Than the superhero ran back down and jumped through the glass than venom smashed down everyone was Ahhhhhhh than they ran out the door and than they went through a tunnel but the people thought that it was leading them to venom so it teleported them to Wonderland but Venom was there venom ate up all the people and than the superhero’s flew into the air and killed Venom.

    To be continued.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cyber-smart kids quiz

Today I was learning about my cyber-smart kids quiz so here is the link to get there:

Thursday, 9 August 2018


Today I was doing the same answer from yesterdays DMIC I learnt more about the cook island shared lunch.