Friday, 22 February 2019

The Mission Recount 2019

WALT: Structure a recount correctly

The Mission

Planning Space:


First we: Marching

Than we: Sneaking

After that: Fitness


Start Writing Here:

Hello, My name is Bradley, Today our insane teacher took us to a secret mission. Has your teacher been insane and weird?

First we went outside and went into two straight lines, than we turned into soldiers and we got 3 task’s to do. First we went marching outside of the classrooms. As soon as we got to the pavillion our second task was to do…


Than we: Our second task our insane teacher got us to ‘Sneak’ Across the pavilion than we got over excited than we said “Yes Sir!” So we ‘Sneaked’ across the pavilion like we were real soldiers. Next our teacher got us to do that was…’


Our last exercise was!: ‘Fitness’

Our last exercise was Fitness so when we finished doing ‘Sneaking’ we marched to the field and done fitness so our fitness was to do Sit ups, Pushups, Balancing, so our first fitness exercise was a Exercise i do not like that was ‘Pushups’ so we done 5 pushups than he told us to Stand up with our hands on our side so we said “Yes Sir!” So next he told us to the exercise ‘Sit ups’ so we done 10 sit ups and than stand up and put our hands on our side like we were soldiers than our lucky lucky LUCKY LAST exercise was ‘Balancing’ so in our Balancing we had to balance like we were on a plane that was start to lift of so when we balanced he pushed a boy named ‘Kitione’ and made him fall down next he pushed a boy named ‘Austin’ but Austin still balanced and never fell what a Master.


What a insane mission I want to do this in a real movie like in a movie named “Time to Save the World” Than we marched back to our classroom and wrote about it. By The Way we were pretending that we

were soldiers.

Task description: Today we did a Army mission so our teacher gave us 3 tasks to do they were 'Sneaking, Fitness, & Marching.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Nasty Nits 2019!!!

WALT: make connections with what we already know as we read the text.

Task Description: Today my task was about a Nasty nit so Nits can make your hair feel itchy and make ur whole body feel itchy and there is Nit lice's that go into ur pets and other things that make u itchy!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Harry Potter Poster 2019

Waitangi Day: February 6th

WALT: know what the expectations and routines are for reading time.

On Waitangi day I was watching Netflix and playing on my Iphone, Ipad & My Pc! The movie i watched was Simpsons it was very funny and we played board games for like a hour!

So I woke up late and than I went onto my Pc to play online games and than i went onto my tablet to play games that i downloaded from “app store”

Later on, like 2 hours later we played board games with my Mum, Dad, Siblings and we played monopoly online it was very fun and we played more other Board games that my aunty bought from ‘Farmers” and the “Warehouse"

Later Later on, I went on my “Iphone” to look online what are some foods to make with baking so they showed me and My mum the receipt and we followed on to when we ate what we Cooked!

Later on, it was time for me to go sleep because of that long long day doing Stuff that included my Siblings and my parents and because it was night time!! Hope you Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

My About Me For 2019

WALT: write about ourselves on the internet in a cybersmart way.

Welcome and greetings to all! My name is Bradley, I am a Year 6 @ Point England School In Auckland, New Zealand. I have a Teacher Named Mr Goodwin. I am In room 7.

I enjoy playing online games with my friend Simon! I like Playing Fortnite sometimes on the Holidays! My favourite thing to eat is watermelon! My other favourite thing is playing Video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox with my friends!!

I play Soccer sometimes and I mostly play Sports  with my friends at morning tea and Lunchtime. On the weekend I don’t really do anything but play videos games on my computer/Pc.

Well school is interesting because we go on trips and other stuff. My Favourite thing is school more than Home because we have more stuff to do and we have Chromebooks to use online and on your work!!

I like imagining as well it’s very fun when I make story’s in my head when I’m bored and i have a dog named Milo he is 2 years old he is turning 3 years old this year!
Task Description:
For this task we used a template given to us by Mr Goodwin to write about ourselves for the about me section on our blog. We had to think about our different Interests, hobbies, and information about ourselves in a way that was cybersmart.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Aboriginal Art & Terracotta Pot.

Today I was doing my Task at the top is my terracotta pot and at the bottom is my Aboriginal Art. Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas Tree

Today I was doing a Christmas task. This is about Madi, Bradley and Nina. There is a video that I would love you to watch and there is writing for you to read from myself. Hope you enjoy.