Thursday, 30 March 2017

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - Follow up

activityFile:New Zealand Maori Culture

  • What happens at a Kapa Haka festival?
Because it was raining
  • Why is it a big day for Daniel and Teremoana?
Because the kapa haka performance was there and her group was their
  • What do they do when it rains in the morning, the day of the festival?
They go do he festival somewhere elea
  • How would Daniel and Teremoana feel when the crowd is clapping?
They will fill happy
  • How would you feel being in a Kapa Haka festival, and why?
I would fill nervous because i have to do the haka in front of lots of people

Go to Pixlr.
Draw a picture of yourself participating in a kapa haka festival.
Post below.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Start Here:

When who where what why. We went to the Whare fono to do the world champion paper plane.

What. we went to the Whare fono to see who was the best thrower of the paper planes.

Why. we went to the Whare fono because we wanted to see who can throw the faster out of the whole class. when we throw our planes in the air they flew.

Who went. Yesterday morning room 12 went.

Where we went to the Whare fono.

The girls said that we they did not want to go first so they told us to go first.
We did in the whare fono who ever throws it the farest. Then we played who ever throws the out of 1st 2nd and 3rd they get a chocolate the winners was Valeli and Sivaenah.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

relay race

`Relay Race

Before you start your writing, you need to put this document into your writing folder.

Who, what, when, where? 1st Paragraph.

Start Here:  
We went to our obstacle course on Monday morning after we done our waiata and our mi hi.

Mr Moran and his writing group went outside on the field at 9.00. We did a obstacle course where we have to jump over things.

When we start the race we have hold the bat when we are running. I vs against Nina and i looked at her and i thought that she was faster than me.

We have to spin around the pole four times so we can get dizzy.

Then next we have to jump over the hurdles then we have to jump through the hula hoop.

Then we have to sprint back and give the relay bat to the other person then you go to the back of the line and Ben down on your knees and put your hands on your head.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

rollercoaster ride`

Rollercoaster Ride

Before you start your writing, you need to put this document into your writing folder.

Start Here:  

1st Sentence: What do you see walking up to the ride?
I see a overgenerous ride on the roller coaster The color of it is red and blue because of superman at the bottom of the roller coaster and It had holes.
2nd Sentence: How do you feel?
I ran fast as I can so I can get in line and I had butterflies inside my tummy.
3rd Sentence: Waiting in line.
I heard a noise so loud and It was the the roller coaster crash I saw a long long roller coaster that each 1 of us can pop in.

When everyone on the roller coaster there buckles go over them then the guy says are you ready and they say yes and then the guy locks there buckles so they can be safe. Everyone ease chines in front of everybody. When I was on the roller coaster I wobbuted because it went to fast. The ride was fantastic. When i was on the ride it was fantastic. It was scary too.