Monday, 10 April 2017

creek trip

Animation Voiceover

Before you start your writing, you need to put this document into your writing folder.

What is my animation about?
What do I want to say about our environment?
What are you doing in your animation that is helping our environment?

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This term team 4 is learning about picking up rubbish and so they are learning about kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa. Kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa means  keeping our invirment and our bay clean and we have to do kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa because if we dont than our birds and animals will die.

beach mission

Beach Mission

As i sat at the beach i went to go get the unbrala and got 5 sits for my   whole family. I sat down on a beautiful sunny day.
I saw people on the beach making lots and lots of sandcastle. I saw more people doing lots of things on the beach. The other people were playing games. I heard people screaming far from the boat i saw fire on the ship. 300 people were on the ship so i went on the big big ship and i sailed across to the ship with the fire on it and i told them the 300 people jump over jump over before you guys are going to get Burt from the fire and i told them jump over fast and they said why because the fire is behind you. When i went back over i needed an idea to get back over so i tried to get back but the boat was stranded because there was a rock in the way so i took it out the i sailed back on the beach the water was Ruff and hard and it keeps on pushing the ship back where it was but i had i idea and i was thinking in my brain go around and sail fast as i can and then i went back to the beach and the people had fun all together and they were making lot of sandcastles all together.

blindfold experience

Blindfold Experience
Blindfold Experience

This morning room 12 went to the playground to play blindfold experience. I was blindfolded with a jumpa. 1 person has to put the jumpa or hat around their face or on their face so they can’t see anything. The other person has to tell them where to go. They have tell them when to jump and not when to jump  My pater was valeli. I went on the monkey bars. Sivaenah and jerry had to blindfold mr moran a ozzy jersey. When valeli told to climb up the ladder i did then to told me to come back down then i came down then he told me to walk front weds and then he told me to go right and then i bang my face on the poles.

hauted house

Haunted House

in the middle of the night i was alone in the creepy spooky forest. I went to a mysterious spooky black door and i opened the door with a key to unlock it so i can go in. when i went in i got locked inside so i needed a way to go out. I tiptoed up the stairs and the stairs started crumbling down and it started making hand ritches out of the stairs so i had to run fast up before i fall down. The saw the a monster just standing towards me i said to the monster want your name and he told me his name was red slimy monster. there was bad witches coming towards me.  i went under there magic stick and ran left and then i saw a magic mirror and then i ran out the room and put the witches back in the magic mirror then they did not come back for ever. Then i tip toed because someone might hear me so i can get a way out. Then i went to a dusty room and jumped out then a big big wizald got me and put me back inside and locked the windows so i could not get out. Then i got guns 0ut and then i shot the big big wizald  in the body then it change to a skeleton then i throw it out. Then i touched the rock so i can open the wall so i can open the treasure box so i can get out of this haunted house with lots of monster trying to eat me. I open the windows then i went out the window then i got mud all over me then i saw 3 graves and it said and a  in bed for a long long time. The other one said a man and a lady and a granma passed away in 1993.lady passed away in 1952 because not even 1 person looked after them because they were sick.

Te tai o tamaki

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Hi my name is bradley and We are learning about te tai o tamaki. i'm going to clean up the rubbish inside the creek because the creek is yucky and it got rubbish inside it. When i went to the creek the creek had heaps of rubbish inside it. If we want our creek and our grass clean than we have to pick all of the rubbish up and put it it in the reycle bin

Friday, 7 April 2017

duffy book

                  today i was very lucky and blessed to get my own duffy book thanks heaps duffy\

Monday, 3 April 2017

going to swimming

On Mondays and Wednesdays we go to swimming after morning ea at 12.00.
I really like about swimming doing big circle arms because you have to kick and do big circle arms and so i like freestyle.
I filled excited because i been waiting to go swimming.
I go swimming with my class.
I swim with people with in my group.
My Instructor is Jed.
We used life jacket and we lay on our back and floated.
Our instructors told us we have to put our right hand on our left shoulder and put our left hand behind our head.
When we have our life jacket on they tell us to do a starfish.
They tell us to get our boards and kick and do big circle arms on the front of the board.
Jed teaches us hour to put on our life jackets and to float on our back.
I learnt from my instructor dolphin dives.