Tuesday, 28 November 2017

sleeping koalas

if you guys want to read long go for it and i did an activity about koalas they eat gum leaves and they love to sleep a lot and most they like going into there mum pouch and drinking it milk and they climb onto there mum back and they love to climb. mostly they don't want people to make them as a pet. mostly too they don't drink much water.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

labelling fractions

today we are learning about labelling fraction and we have to colour in the squres that say  fractions and and draw one at the bottom hope you enjoy :)

Friday, 17 November 2017

flying the flag

last week and this week we learned about flying the flag and we learned that some people dont want to change the flag and some people want to change the flag hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

choose it narrative

Choose It Narrative

Today you will be writing a narrative.  In order to help you get started, we selected some pictures for you to use in your writing.  You must use ONE picture.

Bradley choose it narrative
When you have decided which picture you want to use, delete the other 3 and enlarge the picture you have chosen.

Don’t forget! A narrative needs to have a beginning, middle and an end.  It also needs to have a problem (conflict) that is solved (resolved) by the end of the story.

Long time ago once upon a time there there was a little boy called jack when he got older he really wanted to take people to my plane home,it had a forest and trees in front of the plane’s nose and it mixed up.

On the side of it had walking steers and it look like a house because of the green grass and it looks like one because the steers when you walk up there might be a door there or a secret button that you have to click. When the little boy saw at the back of him he saw 2 planes just like the first plane he saw.

The little boy saw a water car in front of the plane and he saw blue shining water. Next when I flew I did not know that there was a person climbing on the steps so he fell of and Threw a bomb into, my plane my plane exploded like fireworks. I had no parachute so my boss flew in his plane and got me and then I was safe. Next after that there was a doll climbing up on his heavy metal mysterious rope that can never cut down so  my boss flew back to the palace and the evil disgusting doll’s name was annabelle  but it did not move when I walked in, it was halloween And there was 5 skeletons and 25 pumpkins fat face that can move like real humans and they were trying to eat me and trap me into their pumpkin fathead jail.

The end.
today morning we did a writing called choose a narrative it is fun and you have to pick a picture of your favourite one then you write about and do the planning and the main characters and the new characters.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Bradley's mihi

hi my name is Bradley we were doing our mihi it is  something that we say every morning  when see my clip champ video please leave a comment.