Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Sprint track

Today morning room 11 & 12 went outside for a race. After we lined up on the side of our class. During when we were walking we sat down on the concrete in a boy’s line & girl’s line. Next we Mr Moran gave us instruction than the girls went first to stand on the line for there race it was the top 4. Finally it was the boys turn we had a raced I was sprinting through the wet green grass running to the finish line and getting past Mrs Moala. At last francis clapped the clapper and in the race John came first and Devante came second.

Friday, 20 October 2017

matching fractions

today the dodecahedrons are learning about matching fraction.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Omg Tech coding

our electronics are easy to make it is easy to make torch's in the night. thank you electronics people.

Immersion Assembly

Start writing here: First I walked into the Immersion Assembly I saw two Men’s that had guitars and at the back there was one trumpet and one half of a drum set on the back stage. When everybody sat down Mrs Nua’ Mr Burt’ Mr Jacobson and Mr somerville played a song to us. Team 1’s movie was when  some teachers were playing snap and they were playing music and then later on they got angry at each other then they heard a creepy noise. Team 2’s movie was when Mrs Gaston sang a song about in the jungle next some more Team 2 teachers added some music to make it better. Team 3’s movie was my favourite because it had my favourite songs in it. Team 4’s movie was when the Team 4 teachers was singing in the car and `being silly and when they came back to school Mr j came in his truck and Mrs Scanlan pulled down her sunglasses and then Mr Jacobson heard some music so he putted his music on. At last Team 5’s movie was when Mr s and Mr T said  kids and they ate popcorn and Mr S said should we watch a movie so they did the kids said this is scare but Mr s said this is a kids movie so they watched and there was a monkey with a red nose and holded up the baby to it family.