Thursday, 15 February 2018

write a narrative

Start Writing here: Once upon a time there was a little boy called max and a little girl called bethan and my nice pet monkey first max was walking and he fell down into the water and floated next bethan was walking on the concrete and she fell down on the rock and then she fell in the water than she starting seeking than the monkey climbed on the tree and saw a bag and looked in the bag than found a rope than he got the rope out of the bag and after he saw a boat close near but bethan was stall seeking but she was not dead than she and an idea by swimming back to the tree and climb up it but the creepy water went over here and pushed her away and she ended in the deep she tried to come  back but the water kept on pushing her back and then she ended up nearly dying than max was close to the tree than he climbed up than he got up the concrete and than got the phone out of the bag and called the ambulance and than they  drove the car in the ambulance people drived where she was then got out than they got her and put her in the car than drove back up the rap but max and bethan did not know a rap was there than talk her to hospital and than they done her breathing thing and then she was done than they got max out but he went far away and than they brang a boat and sailed and than they said the the tall man should go and get him than they got him and climbed back up the ladder and dropped him on the deck and than sailed back to the concrete but he was not dead yet and then his mom and dad and than they went to the hospital and then she was sitting on the chair waiting till they came than they finally saw her than they talk her home but before they were going out the door they said thank you they said it ok but thank you to for coming bye.


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