Tuesday, 20 February 2018

human knot

This morning room 9 & 10 went outside to the field to do this game it was called untie the human knot. When we played the first step was to make a circle with your group team. Next  Mrs West said hands up than we putted our hands up than she said hold someone's hands across you and the people next to you and the other people than they have to hold someone’s hand across them self than they have to tangle it and than Mrs West will say 3 2 1 go then we go and try to tangle it. When i was trying to untangle it my teammates were hurting my arms by go back and my arm go twisting than after jane turnaround than my arm got untangled than after luisa turnaround than all our arms was not tangled than we were finish and when we went back to class i was really excited writing about it and when we were outside i was so so excited.


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